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Corporate Matters

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

Corporate Law and Governance are branches of the law like two peas in a pod. We must have one with the other. Corporate Law is the body of law that governs the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses. Corporate Governance on the other hand is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled. 

Our clientele needs to adopt good corporate governance to create and set up the organizational structures, systems and control mechanisms geared towards enhancing compliance. These systems ideally cater to balancing the interests of Shareholders, Directors, Management and Stakeholders vis-a-vis the interests of the company. Ivory Advocates is dedicated to making these structures a reality for our corporate clients’ companies.

Advisory on Business Transactions

Business is not void of various transactions. As a business owner, you may require advisory and negotiation skills to achieve the desired results in your business. These aforementioned skills will require relevant documentation that we as Ivory Advocates are skilled enough to prepare and can facilitate the outcome and process of these transactions. 

Transaction advisory services are the services obtained to help clients handle the tasks and risks associated with transactions.

Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency law

Finances are very crucial to any business, however, sometimes things go south. Corporate restructuring is any action taken y a company to modify the financial and operational aspects of a company. Ideally, once a company is struggling with making payments of debts, it will restructure its operations accordingly. This may involve cutting costs or reducing its size through the sale of assets.

Insolvency also tackles a situation where a company completely fails to meet its financial obligation. We provide our clients with services that cater to domestic and cross-border insolvencies, out-of-court rescheduling and debt restructurings, both insolvent and solvent court restructurings and so much more. Your business is in safe hands as long as you have Ivory Advocates by your side. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

Mergers are what we’d call a business marriage. These involve a mutual agreement between companies to combine and become one entity. A takeover on the other hand is a situation when a larger company purchases a smaller one. It is a common practice among corporations. 

We take it upon ourselves to cautiously understand the desired result of our clients in terms of documentation, negotiation, regulation, compliance, values and culture among others tailored for our Client’s consideration.