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Introductory message

There has been a growing and sudden for diversity, inclusivity and technological advancement in the 21st Century. With this realisation, our firm recognized that it was TIME for a new and innovative way of doing business within our Ugandan border and the World over.

We have embarked on this journey to create a unique but not-so-novel way of reaching clients around the World and providing quick and easier services something we call the ‘Ivory E-market.’ Our team has worked tirelessly in a bid to bring this dream to life, pouring our hearts into a unique online service with the hope that our clients both locally and internationally will embrace it and find it a relevant and efficient solution for their business.

When we started this journey, we did not fathom or anticipate the COVID-19 crisis or how it would impact the world, but we are immensely grateful that we were able to offer solutions amidst a Global crisis and remain relevant in this changing business and Legal world.

All our services on the Ivory E-Market are based on four (4) of our core practice areas while our costs are structured around Uganda’s Advocates (Remuneration and Taxation of Costs) Rules (as amended) and Internationally recognized practices. We have taken all the required steps and measures to improve and upgrade our e-Market, making it as seamless as possible. 

We thank our entire team of lawyers and support staff, consultants, developers, editors, and other experts and consultants who have contributed to the successful launch of this e-Market and who stepped up to the plate to make this a reality. May God truly bless you.

We thank you all for your cooperation as we take steps as a firm to remain, “A Better Measure”.


Jamina Apio

Managing Partner,

For and on behalf of the Partners