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From the latin word, “mediatus”, to mediate means to adopt the use of a third party to intervene a dispute in order to resolve it.

Ivory Advocates provides both ad hoc and institutional mediation services to clients.

Ad hoc Mediation

With corporate matters being part and part of who we are as a firm, ad hoc mediation is one form of dispute resolution that we do well. With a wide selection of commercial mediators to choose from, our clients can decide on the rules of the process, giving them a level of control and satisfaction during their cases. 

Ivory mediators are accredited both locally and internationally in a wide selection of legal matters. Our clients therefore can remain confident and assured that their corporate disputes are well taken care of with us. 

Institutional Mediation

There is a mandatory requirement by the courts of law that during litigation, all matters should explore a 60-day mediation session where a Court appointed mediator is responsible for hearing the parties’ issues. We understand the process employed in such mediation and ensure that our clients too are well-versed with the details and information necessary to conclude a mediation successfully. 

Mediations may also be handled outside of court. In such circumstances, institutions like International Centre for Arbitrators and Mediators Kampala (ICAMEK) and the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution take over. Our lawyers on said occasions are appointed as mediators in such sessions.

It is evident that in whatever capacity, we act with great skill and professional knowledge of the processes involved in these types of mediation.