ABM Chambers, House 42 | 54 Kanjokya


Ritah Isiko

Practice Manager


Tel: +256 (0) 414 530 844

+256 (0) 393 228 339

Areas of Practice:

  • Corporate law
    • Corporate transactions
    • Corporate governance
    • Compliance reporting
  • Business Systems
  • Labor law
  • Business Administration

Ritah acts as the firm practice manager. She develops, implements, and manages business processes and systems as well as supports high-quality legal service through systems and a culture that ensures growth and quality control.

Her wealth of experience allows her to effectively communicate and spell out the firm’s core values to both her colleagues and the firm’s clientele.

She brings with her a can-do attitude to whatever challenges may occur and focuses on what can better be done to improve the working environment of the firm.