ABM Chambers, House 42 | 54 Kanjokya


Siama Ssemanza



Tel: +256 (0) 414 530 844

+256 (0) 393 228 339

Areas of Practice:

  • Financial management

Siama acts as the firms Finance Manager and she ably supports the firm in ensuring that the firm’s financial reports, monitoring accounts and activity reports are well prepared in advance and on time to ensure compliance. She also supports the firm in determining and preparing financial forecasts and investigating the most appropriate ways to improve profitability and analyzing the markets for business opportunities.

Her strict attitude towards financial management has supported the firm in ensuring that costs are kept at a manageable level, collections are made swiftly and delicately and that the firm’s growth is on a steady and lucrative path.

She is a great team player, a valuable asset and a huge support to the financial growth of the firm.