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A trust simply put is a relationship where property is held by one party on behalf of another or others.

Currently, trusts in Uganda are formed majorly for sports houses, churches and other charitable organisations such as the Registered Trustees of the Uganda Golf Club, the Registered Trustees of the Moslem Council amongst others.

At Ivory, in addition to the common Trusts registered, our family department offers services in respect to the creation of Family owned Trusts. We believe that the family unit is the core unit for the growth of any developing community.

We make reference to global examples such as The Rockefeller Trust and Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Trust, The Obama Trust amongst others.

History has shown us that a family unit will stand the test of time and the growth of a family unit will solely depend on how the family plans for its future generations.

Our team is proud to have taken a stand and a niche in advising and assisting clients in the establishment of family trusts in order to maintain a legacy that will last for centuries to come.